Fun Contact Lenses: It's All About The Color & Effects

Back as far as Leonardo da Vinci the idea of putting something on the eye to correct vision was of interest to the world. Numerous other countries have been a part of that history to help many that were vision impaired improve their sight without glasses. Theatrical contact lenses or special effects lenses have nothing to do with vision improvement; they are used for cosmetic or special effect purposes only. You can find theatrical lenses that simply change eye color from any hue in the rainbow or those that cause dramatic changes that can be used on stage, screen, or for Halloween.


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These lenses are usually either printed on a machine or hand painted. There are several very popular brand names including; CoperVision, CIBA, Gothika, Immortal Eyes, FreshLook, and 9mm SFX. This is a fast growing industry and there are many other brands but these seem to be the most popular. There are many different designs some that are only available during specific seasons like Halloween. Some of the most popular designs include:

  • Barbie Pink
  • Cat Eyes
  • Devil Red
  • White Zombie
  • Glow In The Dark
  • Werewolf



The costs of these popular lenses vary greatly. While for the most part you will find them in the $30 to $350 range. Some of the more exotic lenses can cost as much at $800 per pair. When preparing to purchase your theatrical lenses you are encouraged to consult with your optometrist to have an appointment to get your eyes examined. It is also important to understand that taking care of your newly purchased theatrical lenses is similar to caring for regular lenses because we are talking about your vision and the health of your eyes. You can not sleep in the lenses and you can not wear the lenses over your prescription lenses.

Some of these theatrical lenses may allow you to see through them, but for the most part they are not vision enhanced and usually one can not see through them at all. Many of the most popular brands will have a pin hole in the center of the lens but it is not symmetrical to your pupil. Because of this the wearer may have difficulty seeing. You should wear the lenses for three to four hours. The can last about a year with proper care. The paints used don't generally assist the visually impaired so people should be careful while using this product if you have issues with your vision.

Initially, contacts were invented to improve vision, but now the theatrical contacts are used to change the way people look and perform.


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